About us


At Leadvise, experts from many disciplines work together in highly effective teams. This means we can take a holistic view during our projects, giving us a decisive edge – our clients reap the success.

Our management team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and executives. Our employees’ professional experience tends to be greater than what our competitors can offer.

Team Leadvise - wer wir sind

Management consultancy

Leadvise is an independent management consultancy based in Darmstadt and active primarily in the German-speaking countries. Our clients include DAX-listed companies and other market leaders, many of whom are in heavily regulated industries such as telecommunications, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, or banking and stock markets.

Leadvise stands for measurable economic gains. Our core areas of expertise are business segment development and the restructuring of complex organizations. We help companies adapt their business models to new market conditions, while keeping a watchful eye on increasing turnover, rate of return and customer satisfaction.

During our projects, we can be relied upon to implement the right strategy. Even under difficult circumstances and where hard decisions have to be made, we stand ready to support our clients.


What drives us are our clients’ goals. Leadvise consultants take the initiative and accept responsibility. As trusted advisors (and sometimes intellectual sparring partners) we are there for our clients when they need us – during the project and beyond.

Working closely with our clients, we analyze and design the measures they need in an individually tailored way. We go beyond the usual management consultancy approaches and, where necessary, we supplement our advice with coaching techniques. This helps us to spearhead decisions, summarize complex situations quickly and produce the necessary results.

Cooperation at this level requires a continual transfer of knowledge and full transparency as far as the project is concerned. Highly accurate consultancy services are the result of synergy, of many skills coming together. This is why we work side-by-side with our clients in interdisciplinary teams. We include our clients’ employees so that they are able to implement any and all measures independently, and can transfer them to other situations as needed. In the end, we are no longer necessary – and your company is successful.