Digital Business Integration & Transformation (d.bit)

Everyone is becoming digital – what about us? And, how to do so?

If you are facing this question too, we are the right partner to support you.

  • Digital transformations radically change economic environments
  • ”Industrie 4.0” revolutionizes logistics and production
  • Innovative start-ups transform entire markets with their disruptive ideas
  • Internet of Things blends virtuality with reality seamlessly
  • Social media allow customers to reset rules of game
  • Established companies digitalize their business models and search for new revenue streams

Especially, innovative start-ups are threatening the business fields of traditional large-scale companies. Digital entrepreneurs develop new services, products and business models nowadays in no time. Their star-ups are small, focused and extremely ambitious. The successful ones capture existing business fields and redefine entire markets through disruptive innovations.

But, what can large-scale companies do to defend their markets?

Particularly, large-scale companies have to adjust their organizations wisely: keywords are “agility”, “adaptiveness”, “disruption resilience” and “scalability”. New revenue streams have to be explored, and existing market shares have to be defended – ideally, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, what to do?
We have developed a broad service portfolio for digitalizing and transforming new as well as existing businesses. Now it’s you turn.

Through our “d.bit” service, we support you in digitalizing your company and business models.

Why is this relevant – Today, digitalization is mandatory topic to evaluate. It requires thorough analysis of what this means to you and smart actions towards your own business innovation and transformation. We are convinced that transformations can only be successful if the main focus is on people, processes and organizations at the same time. Thus, we support managers and leaders on the challenging way of digital transformation. Jointly with our clients, we develop sustainable solutions and enhance autonomous work on all levels.

What does our support look like – We support you in every phase of your digital transformation – from conceptual design, over communications and change to successful deployment and integration of the new digital business.
The experience we made during various digitalization projects indicates, that especially between digital strategies and technology integrations a high degree of coordination is necessary. Therefore, we work interdisciplinary, and continuously consider latest economic, academic and political circumstances in the digital context.
Our team comprises experts for digital strategies, services and products, business and operating models, organizational development, change management, big data as well as cyber security. Furthermore, we closely work together with various public associations and universities when it comes to trends in the digital era.

What is the concrete content – Our service is exactly customized to your targets and may include different components like trend scoutings, market analyses as well as health-/business-readiness checks, business and operations blueprints, and digital solution integration support. Together with you, we design your business model, revisit your organizational structure and set up digital roadmaps to implement identified initiatives.

We are technology-independent and combine methodical as well as theoretical knowledge, with practical experience in the areas of digital innovations and transformations.

The future is digital, so don’t miss opportunities.

Stefan Gössel

Stefan Gössel, Partner

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Stefan Gössel, Partner

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