Our innovations workshop – effective immediately

You’re responsible for an innovation portfolio of several million euros and wondering where you should invest more and where to pull out? You’re the head of strategic innovation at a large company and want to know how to implement the best possible investments more quickly, so you can rush them to market? These are the questions we’ve been dealing with daily in over 10 years of experience. And hardly anyone has found concrete answers so far. We have analyzed the strategies of the world’s most successful innovators and investors and used the results in the Leadvise Innovation to Profit concept, developed especially for large companies in the German-speaking countries. We’ve calculated in conditions re. organization, HR, marketing, sales and IT as well as intellectual property rights management, which is gaining more and more in importance. We deliver a structured evaluation of your current situation vs. your target situation in a one- to two-day workshop with your leadership team. The results:
  • Clarity re. your current innovation process vs. your target process
  • Clear definition of your goals, possible conflicts between goals and any differences in perception
  • An overview and prioritization of any urgent issues
  • Immediate steps to either save or more effectively allocate 20 - 50% of your innovation budget
  • A prioritized list of measures to be taken to accurately address the issues we’ve identified
  • Obvious improvements which will bring your shareholders, leadership team and employees on board
The short-term measures alone regularly result in savings of several million euros. After our workshop, you and your leadership team will experience unprecedented clarity of mind and have the energy to put your most innovative ideas into practice. Our clients often refer to these results as beyond any monetary value. To coordinate the contents of the workshop, please contact our innovation expert David Pilarek at +49 6151 6274118-6 or d.pilarek@leadvise.de.
David Pilarek